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Siny Samba
Founder and CEO Le Lionceau

“Producing locally sourced baby food was a lifechanging idea that significantly impacts children’s lives while also creating a circular and inclusive business model. Le Lionceau buys from farmers and women’s groups contributing to the transformation of the local economy. Working together with PUM to improve management and production, will take the company to a next level.”

Ariette Brouwer

“From our key values – commited, equal, connected and skilled – PUM focuses on diversity and inclusion, equity and justice, and local positive impact. The entrepreneurs and organisations we work with are true changemakers, who have the ambition to grow, operate sustainably and inclusively, and make a difference to their communities.”

Wicher Nijkamp
PUM country coordinator Ethiopia

“PUM brings knowledge. And what I find truly fantastic is that money is never a topic of discussion. It’s always about, how can I get knowledge from you to grow my business and create more jobs. The type of entrepreneurs that PUM deals with are intrinsically motivated individuals who want to build a better company. And that’s really wonderful to see. For me, that’s ultimately the foundation for advancing a country or a community.”


Collaborations across more than 30 sectors and countries

Our volunteers are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with SMEs and supporting organisations in over 30 countries worldwide in more that 30 sectors.