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PUM is a non-profit organisation established in in 1978 by the Dutch employers’ federation VNO-NCW, with financial support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 1978 we have assisted over 40,000 organisations world-wide.

Supervisory Board
Our board members have large networks in the business world and extensive international experience.

Chairman - Hans de Boer, Chairman of Dutch employers’ federation VNO-NCW

Member - Ineke Dezentjé Hamming, Chair woman/CEO of FME-CWM

Member - Thea Fierens, former Regional Director of UNFPA, former Managing Director of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, and former member of Dutch Parliament

Member - Rob Wolleswinkel, Senior Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group

Member - Coen van Haeringen, Country coordinator for Lebanon at PUM

Member - Jacco Vonhof, Chairman of Dutch employers’ organsation MKB-Nederland

PUM’s office is based in The Hague, the Netherlands. From there we run our operations with 50 (mainly part-time employed) paid staff and 80 voluntary staff. Our 150 representatives are based in 31 countries around the world, and are our eyes and ears on the ground.
Our name

Our full name is PUM Netherlands senior experts. Originally, the abbreviation PUM stands for ‘Programma Uitzending Managers’ which is Dutch for ‘Manager Deployment Programme’. However, as we have long since ceased deploying managers only (we currently work with specialists and entrepreneurs, too) we nowadays apply the abbreviation only, with the addition Netherlands senior experts.