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Joint approach to impact monitoring of company advice in developing countries
PUM, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) and the knowledge institutions LEI Wageningen UR and Erasmus School of Economics have joined forces to develop a new approach for measuring the impact of advice programmes for organisations in developing countries. Within the partnership known as PRIME, over a period of five years, measurement and monitoring methods will be developed and implemented, additional data collected from among others all PUM customers, and an investigation will be carried out into the consequences of advice from PUM. PRIME stands for ‘Pioneering Real-time Impact Monitoring and Evaluation in small and medium sized enterprises’

The method will investigate the degree to which the advice offered has an influence on turnover, employment, profitability and sustainability. Preparing such an evaluation is not always simple, since other influencing factors also play a role. For that reason, the more direct effects of the advice will also be measured, such as the availability/increase in knowledge of the entrepreneur, and the current/improved internal business practices. In the long term, the project should result in a clear assessment of the results of PUM, and in a broader sense, an improved evaluation method for organisations involved in promoting the private sector in developing countries.
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