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Specialty coffee from Colombia made available in Dutch stores

Aid & Trade

Colombia is the world's 3rd largest producer of coffee. Recently we met with two very inspiring entrepreneurs from this fascinating country: Claudia Giraldo and Laura Villanueva of the organisation Tejipaz. Tejipaz contributes to the sustainable development of local communities in the surroundings of the the city of Granada.

This area has been hit severe by many conflicts in the past. Since the signing of the peace agreement in 2016 between the Colombian Government and FARC, peace came to the area and coffee farmers are returning to their territory. PUM aims to assist Tejipaz by setting up a programme which will directly benefit more than 100 local farmers in the area and indirectly many more.

'We can use our contacts and networks within the business sector'

The founders of Tejipaz were visiting the Netherlands as part of a Business Link visit organised by PUM expert Brian Brouwer. PUM is an organisation striving for a connection between aid and trade. We are focused on opportunities for Dutch businesses within our activities and to strengthen their economic ties with our clients and partners. To do this, we can use our contacts and networks within the business sector, both in the Netherlands and the countries we are active. Therefore a visit to the factory and shop of Simon Lévelt was scheduled, where they met with Paula Koelemeij, one of PUM's coffee experts who currently still works at Simon Lévelt. Paula: Paula: "We have now inspected the coffee samples from Tejipaz. The quality was on a reasonable level, the coffee has absolutely a lot of potential. I have sent extensive feedback and advice for quality improvement to Tejipaz."

Deals were made to ship Tejipaz coffee not only to Simon Lévelt, but also to the Coffee Quest in Zoeterwoude and other Dutch stores.