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ASN Foundation to help PUM to recycle waste in Niger

PUM is set to launch a pilot project shortly in Niamey, Niger, to establish whether we might sort the abundant amounts of refuse left lying around there, with a view to turning some of it into new products. The aim is to segregate sand, plastics and organic waste, for subsequent processing into sand fill, plastic tiles and compost.
The last of these products in particular might prove interesting, as it could replace some of the expensive fertiliser which is currently imported. The pilot, which was to engage at least 35 local workers, sadly lacked sufficient funding for the launch. Thanks to a contribution by the ASN Foundation, however, our expert can now plan his first mission. The pilot is scheduled to conclude next May. Should it prove successful, then a further rollout to cover the whole of Niamey and perhaps other large cities might eventually provide several thousand jobs.
ASN Bank provides finance through the ASN Foundation to projects that contribute to a sustainable society. Please consult for further information.