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From Brain Drain to Brain Gain

Often well-educated Ghanaian people try to find a job outside of their home country. This is understandable, however, the young and entrepreneurial management of Innohub sees more opportunities in their own country. Innohub Ltd, Business Incubator in Accra started in 2014, and is managed by a young and dedicated team. Most have studied and lived in UK. Their dream is to contribute to building Ghana by launching promising entrepreneurs - especially returnee diaspora - to increase their survival opportunities and to grow faster so that new and sustainable jobs are created for the growing and increasingly educated young people. Instead of a brain drain, Ghana will have a brain gain

In order to reinforce and test the Innohub approach, assistance has been requested from PUM. For 14 days, we worked together on a roadmap that fits best and connects to the local context, allowing the incubator Innohub to grow independently.

More information on what PUM does for incubators can be found on our website: