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Hospitality: Catering, Restaurants & Events

All restaurants can be categorised according to a set of social parameters defined as polar opposites: high or low, cheap or expensive, familiar or exotic, formal or informal and so forth. Restaurants come in many shapes and sizes, but the bottom line is that customers spend disposable income and hence competition is fierce. Your business will only flourish if people truly like what you do. Apart from the food served, there are many factors that influence the success or failure of a restaurant and, for that matter, a catering business or an event organiser. A big part of success is hospitality: hospitality is the relationship between the guest and the host/hostess or the act or practice of being hospitable. This includes the reception and entertaining guests, visitors or strangers.

Whether or not people feel welcome goes beyond how they feel treated. Was the experience worthwhile? Was the food memorable? Do people have something to talk about after a dinner or event? Running a business in this sector may not be rocket science, but there are still plenty of factors where things can go wrong. When it comes to professionally running a business in this branch, advice from seasoned professionals who operated their own restaurants and enterprises is priceless. Their trained eyes, and other senses, will detect where you can improve, be it the menu, hygiene, decoration, staff management and training, education or marketing. Whether you have specific issues regarding your business or whether you would like a general assessment, our experts can help!

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