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Cooperation between PUM and SNV lifts Kenyan dairy industry to higher level

Youth Employment

PUM and SNV have since 2013 bundled their knowledge and experience in Kenya as part of the Kenya Market-led Dairy Programme (KMDP). Purpose of this partnership is to raise the standard of the Kenyan dairy industry. The Dutch Embassy in Nairobi - Kenya finances the project.

Anton Jansen, Team Leader of the KMDP on behalf of SNV: “The KMDP strives for improvements in efficiency, productivity and cost savings throughout the chain. Not only at farm level where the productivity is very low and the cost price of milk is high, but also in the collection chain where losses are high. Dairy is the most important agricultural sector in Kenya and a major source of income and employment. What's more, it is a very important factor in guaranteeing food security. The cooperation with PUM focuses in particular on the rapidly expanding group of medium-sized farmers with 20 to 100 cows. They have resources to invest. They view dairy as a business. And they have a certain level of knowledge and can innovate. We think that this group can in the longer term lift the dairy sector to a higher level.”

‘By sharing their knowledge, farmers can make significant advances'

PUM expert Frans Ettema, involved with KMDP since 2013: “The PUM programme is targeted at the entire operations (including administration, feed, health, housing). We see this group of medium-sized farmers making fast improvements, which are also picked up by the small-scale farmers (3-5 cows) who are established around these businesses. The farms involved in the project serve as demonstration companies, which also offer training programmes for the benefit of smaller dairy farmers nearby. And that is precisely the intention: by sharing their knowledge the farmers can make significant advances”.For more information on the successful cooperation between PUM, SNV and the Dutch Embassy in Kenya, view the following film: