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Crowdfunding + Skills transfer = Boost for SME's

Lendahand Foundation and PUM extend partnership 
PUM and the Lendahand Foundation have been working together on a case by case basis, incorporating PUM expertise in Lendahand’s client network. The Lendahand Foundation provides small loans to SME’s in the Philippines, Uganda, Zambia, Colombia and Mongolia.

These loans are gathered by online fundraising (crowdfunding) and the foundation is looking for further extension of the number of beneficiary countries. Through the partnership with Lendahand, PUM aims to converge and complement our objectives in the domain of private sector development. Concretely, small and medium sized enterprises in developing countries gain access to specialized services as part of a support package offered by Lendahand and PUM. 
Crowdfunding has become a valuable instrument to support sustainable growth of enterprises in developing countries. Though money is not the only factor that many of these entrepreneurs lack - it’s the combination of transfer of knowledge, skills and investment capital that can boost small and medium sized enterprises to flourish. Partnering with the Lendahand Foundation will give PUM a unique opportunity to provide technical assistance to “bankable” enterprises, and vice-versa - access to a lending platform for PUM clients and engage in joint programming, targeting the international development community (together we offer a complete package - non-financial and financial services - to entrepreneurs in developing countries).  
PUM is excited to partner with Lendahand Foundation, and by doing so contributing to our global proposition of Access to Finance and our mission “to share knowledge for vibrant businesses and better lives” as a whole. 
To learn more about our “Access to Finance” global proposition or how your organization can become involved, please contact PUM Business Development unit at