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Energy Production/Services

Energy is the fuel of our economy and greatly influences quality of life. We use energy to power our factories, refrigerate our medicines, and to light our schools. We use energy to power the equipment that makes agriculture possible. We use energy to run small enterprises, fisheries, and to process and prepare our food. What counts when it comes to energy is that which it provides (heat, light, refrigeration), irrespective of the resources we use to generate it.

A broad range of subsections are applicable in convention and sustainable energy:
• Mining of solid fuels, coal or peat
• Development of rural areas for energy supply
• Refining , transport, measurement of energy flows
• Development of eco-villages and other such areas
• Sustainability programme for CO2 emission compensation
• Development of eco and agricultural areas using solar water pumps
• Winning and extraction of crude oil, natural (petroleum) gas, ethanol
• Power plants and production and distribution of electricity/gas/steam
• Energy saving programs, balances and audits in industrial environments
• Sundry of energy sources such as CHP (cogenerated) electricity production
• Educational & vocational training programmes, e.g., seminars and workshops
• Energy savings in factories, hotels, and parks (both for public and industrial areas)
• Marketing and business development processes for new and expanding enterprises

Sustainable energy concepts:
• Biomass gasification & torrefaction and bagasse & mercanthus biofuels
• Hydroelectric power dams and geothermal electric power stations
• Autonomous off-grid solar power systems and solar cooking
• Grid-connected vertical and horizontal wind turbines
• Biomass-fueled electric power stations
• Biofuel-electric hybrid engines