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Hospitalidad: Turismo & Servicios de Ocio

Tourism is the world’s largest economic sector. The sector provides employment to many people and is an important contributor to the gross domestic product in a large number of countries, in particular in developing countries. At PUM, the tourism sector offers a variety of consultancies in the Tourism Industry. PUM offers support to tour operators and travel agents, operators of sightseeing tours or excursions, cruise boat operators, amusement and themeparcs or tourist activity centres, eco tourism centers and historical areas. The work mostly involves the development of new products, marketing activities and management advice.

PUM-experts can assist the tourism business in many ways. Outgoing agents can be taught the modern “dynamic packaging”; tailor made tours, for the experienced travellers. Operators of excursions can be advised to improve their tours and make the right calculations. Regional organisations or cities can be advised about the marketing of their region and, about cooperation with touristic organisations in their area.

PUM-experts can assist in many fields of tourism. For example:
• Incoming and outgoing tourism / corporate travel
• Tour operators, travel agents /dynamic packaging
• Tourist offices, promotion boards, guiding
• Tourism developement, sustainable tourism
• Recreational and cultural activities
• Tourism IT marketing. Tourism communication strategy, Tourism management