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Rapport annuel 2016

Vibrant Businesses, better lives
We invite you to visit where we explain in detail all of our core activities in 2016 that concern getting SMEs to work towards our mission of ‘Sharing knowledge for vibrant businesses and better lives’.
In PUM's online Annual Report 2016, we also highlight some best practices from projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa. These best practices will give you more insight into the impact of our advice concerning themes such as Food Security, Corporate Social Responsibility, Partnerships, Female Entrepreneurship, and Aid & Trade.
Evaluation & Strategic Plan
The report will also give you more insight into the extensive evaluation conducted by the Erasmus University and Carnegie Consult. This independent evaluation was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and made extensive use of quantitative data from PRIME (Pioneering Real-time Impact Monitoring and Evaluation in small and medium enterprises).
The report will then guide you through the Key Elements of PUM’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 which was adopted mid-2016. Finally, and with a glimpse into the future, it will explain how the Strategic Plan will play out in 2017 and for the years to come.
Facts & Figures
The Facts & Figures and Financial statements will give you further insight into the achievements of our experts and about the costs of PUM’s operations.
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