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Funding request: Niger and Uganda

PUM is looking for additional funding for two projects. One project regards waste; the other one regards teaching & IT.

Valuable waste?  
Niamey, the capital of Niger, and its over 1 million inhabitants, struggle with their waste management. Garbage containing all kinds of polluting materials is all over the city, causing danger for kids who are looking for useful products and for cattle looking for something to eat.

On a wider scale, the growing volume of waste in Niamey causes air and water pollution and is a danger to the inhabitants’ health. But with smarter waste management, a local initiative with the support from PUM might be able to extract sand, plastics and organic materials from the waste, turning it into stuffing sand, plastic tiles and valuable compost. In our attempt to make a vibrant business from this waste problem, we hope to start a pilot later this year, creating employment for 35 local youngsters and women. If it turns out to be a successful business model, scaling up to complete Niamey could bring up to 4,000 new jobs. 
Still needed: € 41,955 
Improved teacher training and IT  
PUM has started supporting the John Fisher Teachers Training Institute (JFTTI) in Lira, Uganda. The aim is to improve current curricula for future teachers in early childhood development centers and primary schools. As IT is part of the curriculum, but JFTTI does not have any computers nor even electricity, PUM provides support with experts in both education and IT.
Apart from eleven scheduled expert missions, we hope to support JFTTI with a connection to the grid, as well as hardware and software for the IT instruction room. An improved teacher training will give starting teachers better job opportunities, while better education will help children in their development. 
Still needed: € 92,047 
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