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Small grants

Hans Blankert Fund
Small grants from the Hans Blankert Fund are available for SMEs that have been visited by a senior expert. The fund is most often used for the purchase of used capital goods, such as machines that are still in good shape. The average grant is € 3,000 euros. To apply, please contact the senior expert that has visited you.

Access to Finance, support in finding finance
Experts are during a project regularly faced by the need for the financing of working capital. This could be prompted by investments advised by the expert, the restructuring of financing, or funds required for expansion of the company. With this in mind, PUM has formed an Access to Finance team. The team focus both on 'domestic' donors such as Agriterra, Oikocredit, Cordaid and FMO; and 'foreign' donors such as the World Bank, EBRD and EU.

The entrepreneur must initially seek to acquire the necessary resources from the own bank, friends, family or suppliers. Should that be insufficiently successful, the PUM expert will provide assistance by approaching local donors, whether or not by engaging the embassy. If that too does not have the desired result, the expert can on behalf of the entrepreneur file a request with the Access to Finance team. This request must be substantiated by a financing plan and a thorough business plan. On accepting the request, Access to Finance will mediate in finding the most suitable source of financing. This could take the form of an equity participation, loan, guarantee or donation. Another option is that you file a request with Access to Finance to assist in approaching donors.

Further information
For further information, contact the Access to Finance team by email: