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PUM cooperates with two confederations of trade unions in The Netherlands. They are the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions (FNV), with a membership of 1 200 000, and the Christian National Trade Union (CNV), with a membership of 350 000. Trade unions throughout the world, in countries where PUM is active, may rely upon the experience and expertise of our 3200 senior experts gained by them through having worked together with these Dutch trade unions. Issues confronting unions differ widely. New trade unions may face problems as varied as member registration, fee collection, or recognition by employers or even government.

What, for example, is the most effective strategy for dealing with employers who try to block the right of employees to join a union? Well established unions may need to explain to workers how union membership is in one's own best interest. Our experts can assist in resolving these and other such problems. When filling out your request form, be as specific as possible about your individual needs. PUM representatives are standing by to help.

To find out more, please download the sector sheet about Unions on the right hand side of this page.