About PUM

About us

We are PUM Netherlands senior experts. We connect entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets with senior experts from the Netherlands each of whom has gained at least 30 years of experience in a business environment. These senior experts voluntarily devote their knowledge to the execution of short-term, solid consultancy projects at the work floor.

Our approach

By sharing knowledge we help entrepreneurs build sufficient knowledge to grow their businesses to the next level. This benefits local business as well as the surrounding community.

Our expertise

Our 3,200 volunteers advise 2,000 entrepreneurs annually in almost every field imaginable: from logistics to welding techniques, and from the hotel & catering trade to carpentry.

Our partners

Our operations are funded by various donors and sponsors, based on the philosophy that a self-sufficient small and medium-sized business sector is beneficial to global development.

Our name

PUM stands for ‘Programma Uitzending Managers’ which is Dutch for ‘Manager Deployment Programme’. However, as we have long since ceased deploying managers only (we currently work with specialists and entrepreneurs, too) we nowadays apply the abbreviation with the addition of: Netherlands senior experts.

Our view on sustainability

PUM-experts always aim to take a fresh look at any business they visit. They focus on business issues foremost, but also on potential environmental and social improvements. Often easily and often without additional costs. Even better, sustainable solutions prove to save money in the long run.

Our story

PUM has been advising entrepreneurs for 35 years already. Read here how it all started

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