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Incubator programme


Where the typical PUM customer is the SME that is already in business for some time, with the Incubator Programme we help to create new SME’s. Young people account for up to 40% of the world’s unemployed. Nearly 90% of the world’s young people are based in the developing world. After leaving school, a striking majority of young people enter the informal economy, while many migrate, looking for opportunities elsewhere. Evidence indicates that lack of decent work opportunities is a significant determinant of emigration. Entrepreneurship drives sustainable development. SME’s are the backbone of sustainable economic development and are a catalyst of innovation, job creation and growth. Beyond generating economic benefits, SMEs are equally important for providing solutions to social and development problems, such as poverty, food insecurity, gender and social disempowerment, and for promoting the growth of a green economy.  Many governments recognize the need to support startups and have programmes in place to stimulate entrepreneurship.

According to a widely accepted international definition, the term incubator is: “an organisation which executes an incubation process designed to enable the accelerated growth of high quality start-ups into successful businesses, by means of the application of an integrated package of services, including workspace services, culture coaching, business planning, access to capital and business network, etc.”

Incubators, also known as start-up clusters or accelerators, are (artificial) ‘breeding grounds’. Synonyms: start-up center, accelerator, innovation lab, innovation hub, etc. Organizations that typically start an Incubator are Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Private Organizations, Investment funds, Local authorities.

With our services, we assist to set-up an incubator, to run the incubator and also a project for the individual startups that come out of the incubator is possible.

Next to a pool of experts with many years experience in setting-up and running incubators and supporting startups, we have a PUM-approach with workshops, trainings, presentations and checklists available that we will implement, customized to the local environment, in the Incubator Center. We will train and guide the Incubator staff via the train-the-trainer concept.

We work with the Incubator center for a period of 2 – 3 years with the aim to create a fully functioning incubator with continuity, which is sustainable and self-financing after the initial period. As such the Incubator will create new companies for many years to come.

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