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Hospitality: Hotels

Since the Netherlands is the gateway to Europe, countless international businessmen visit Holland. Our country is also world famous as a tourist destination. This demands that the hospitality market in the Netherlands be varied and cater to a wide range of visitors. In the Netherlands you will find some 4000 hotels in all available categories. About 40 billion euros is spent yearly by guests and this generates an important source of national income. Dutch hotel, catering and tourism education trains students at every level. And our hotel schools are world famous. A lot of attention is paid to traineeships abroad so that students become familiar working in international settings. Most of our senior experts worked for hotel chains all over the world.

Since the Dutch hotel market is on the forefront of trends, PUM experts are familiar with current developments in this sector. Within the scope of this 'hospitality landscape', our PUM experts can offer to hotel owners valuable hands-on advice regarding practical problems, management related issues, staff training, and modern marketing techniques. A PUM expert will take a close look at how to harness all of your hotel's potential to improve the quality and profitability of your business. Whether you need individual advise for a specific issue or want a general ‘make-over’ of your company, PUM can help.

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