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Leather Industry & Consumer Goods

The Leather Industry sector concerns all those activities related to the production of leather (so called tanning) including: wet-blue production, crust production and finishing including dyeing. Although the leather production capacities have declined in the Netherlands, we still have a lot of expertise available in the above mentioned fields meaning know-how on the processes from beamhouse to finishing.

Apart from the expertise outlined above, our experts are also able to provide advice on matters related to the following areas: general management, sales and marketing, quality control, finance and mechanical,chemical and bio effluent water treatment.

The Leather Consumer Products sector concerns all those activities involved in the manufacture of leather consumer products such as:
• Shoes
• Garments
• Belts
• Gloves
• Leather bags
• Small leather goods

For most applications experts are available in the fields of:
• Production
• Management
• Marketing