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Meat Processing

The Netherlands has a big name when it comes to the efficient and hygienic slaughtering of all kinds of animals, including cows, calves (for veal), pigs, lambs, goats, chickens, ducks, and turkeys. We have a modern meat processing industry consisting of high-tech  slaughter lines with all the necessary industrial accessories. The meat processing industry in the Netherlands has seen a trend towards concentration. There used to be a butcher on every high street in every village selling meat that was processed in-house. These individual, self-employed butchers are quickly going extinct. Nowadays, most meat is sold prepacked in supermarkets. The few self-employed butchers who have survived have become true specialists, making meat specialties and with a strong emphasis on innovation.

Nowadays, butcher shops often keep a corner aside for selling ready-made meals and sandwiches. Almost all Dutch and West European markets are currently supplied meat provisions by an increased number of large industrial concerns. Supermarket chains have taken over from the self-employed butcher virtually every facet of retail meat supply. The industry is working towards a better valorisation of meat, for example, by focusing on sustainable meat production through promoting animal welfare, a reduction in the use of antibiotics, and the lowering of environmental impact. It is positive that retailers appear to be moving towards a better appreciation for quality meat, for instance, by promoting free-range meat. Finally, the entirety of the meat processing sector must join forces to promote the societal acceptance of keeping livestock.

Our experts come from all segments of the meat processing & sales industry and can advise and assist in every aspect of this sector. Find out more by downloading the sector sheet Meat processing on the right hand side of this page.