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New programmes

PUM is starting 25 new programmes in 15 countries focusing on youth employment & entrepreneurship, International Corporate Social Responsibility and supporting access to finance. The programmes are funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are complementary to the regular projects.

The current Dutch administration aims to further contribute in tackling root causes of poverty in developing countries. Supporting economic development initiatives to curb migration, tackle climate change, in cooperation with others are the priorities of the Dutch policy on development cooperation. PUM responded with a funding proposal and received an additional grant of 4.7 million euro for a period of three years. The proposal is in line with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ priorities on migration; promote international corporate social responsibility; better access to the EU market for developing countries; support the creation of more and sustainable employment; and focus on a particular group of countries where these priorities intertwine.

25 programmes

In the next three years (2018-2020), we aim to integrate and realize our programmatic activities within our regular operations. This will result in 25 programmes based on:

Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship

Employability & Job creation:

Support local SMEs in finding more qualified employees.

  • Improve curriculum and skills-training for youth to connect with market;
  • Match local SMEs with students from professional training institutes for internships and overall career development;
  • Emphasizing portable skills in combination with firm- or job-specific technical skills that the market demands;

Entrepreneurship Development:

  • Strengthen existing start-up support services (incubators & accelerators), including through business support and (micro) finance providers;
  • Support entrepreneurs to gain access to finance, through business support and matchmaking services to selected entrepreneurs that have significant growth potential;
  • Support the diaspora (and also potential repatriates) in supporting their country of origin through entrepreneurial activities, thereby developing prospects for income and employment at local level.

Youth employment & entrepreneurship programmes particularly will be started in:

Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda.

International Corporate Social Responsibility

PUM aims to improve the quality of employment and promote green economic growth in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture and Food Processing
  • Apparel
  • Tourism

We implement initiatives that will benefit the Dutch ICSR covenants, by focusing on assisting suppliers in the selected countries. In general, PUM will accelerate alignment with other on-going Dutch initiatives and deepen collaboration with other organisations in the public and private sector relevant to these sectors.

International Corporate Social Responsibility programmes particularly will be started in:

Morocco, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Suriname.