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IT Business Consultancy

IT Business Consultancy
IT is of vital importance to every organisation in every country around the world. It is about improving business performance by the application of IT technology. During the past years, the IT domain has increased to a wide range of networking, computers, Internet, mobile and other communication services. PUM offers advice to companies selling IT solutions, as well as to companies that are active in other sectors, like the distribution or manufacturing industry. In every company IT plays an important role in the business process.
AREAS OF EXPERTISE in various market sectors
SME’s need to apply IT solutions in order to manage the growth and stay competitive in their market. The PUM expert can analyse your business processes, discuss possible IT solution that help you to improve your business performance and initiate action to improve your IT application where required. Examples of our expertise are:

  • E-Learning, Blended Learning
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Digital Marketing & Web presence
  • Content Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Business continuity and information security 

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For IT companies the above means that there is a great potential for growth. A PUM-expert can help IT companies to make a business- and financial plan in which the mission, vision and strategic route for success is defined. Examples of our expertise are:

  •  Define business strategy
  • Build business planning
  • Positioning (including Outsourcing, Software Package Provider)
  • Risk and security management
  • Quality & Process Management 

For information about our support to IT companies, please click on the sectorsheet below:

Case studies
We have created several case studies that describe in more detail, and based on gained experience from actual projects, how a PUM expert can help with the described subject. For more information please click here.