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Remote coaching options during corona crisis

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, we sincerely hope that you are able to stay safe, and find ways to deal with these challenging circumstances. It requires adjustments on a daily basis on everyone’s part.

The clear common theme around the world is the importance of social distancing. Therefore, all our experts have returned to the Netherlands, and we are not planning new travel until at least the 1st of June. In the meantime, and where possible, we continue to support our clients and collaborate with partners through remote coaching and webinars.  

If you are an entrepreneur, and looking for ways to continue and grow your business, also now, apply for advice through our website or contact our representative in your country. Our experts are ready to assist you through WhatsApp, Skype, email or any other application.
A physical advisory visit will be the next step as soon as the time is right. Our paid and volunteer staff continue to work from home to make this possible.

We would like to encourage you, our clients and partners, to stay in touch with us and let us know how we can best support you through distant knowledge sharing in the current situation. Give our PUM representative in your country a call or email us.

Take good care and we hope to keep supporting you especially during this time.

Dick Ernste, CEO
Andy Wehkamp, Director