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Palestinian Territory

PUM has been active in the Palestine Territory since 1994. During the second Intifadah activities were put on hold. In 2010 PUM started sending experts again. Besides above-mentioned sectors agriculture, water and metal are also popular. While most requests for advice relate to technical and business-related issues our experts also are trained to recognize opportunities especially when it comes to female entrepreneurship, start-ups and corporate social responsibility.
PUM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UN Development Program (UNDP). However most customers find their way independently or through our representatives. To get an impression of what our experts are doing while working with entrepreneurs, take a look at the videos on our YouTube channel.
Are you wondering whether you qualify for PUM-advice? Take a look at our criteria, or contact one of our representatives in the Palestine Territories directly. You’ll find their mail addresses and phone numbers on this page. You can apply directly for advice online by creating your own account and send off your request today.
Top 3 sectors - realised missions 2013 - 2015:

Food & Beverages: 20
Building, Construction & Trade:10
Tourism, Hotels & Catering: 9

  • Suhail Sultan +972599653536 East Jerusalem
    Amjad Qasas +97022955521 Ramallah
Country Coordinator
Wim van Halteren
Project officer
Eke Kronieger