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Technical assistance accompanying impact investment

Many SMEs have fragile balance sheets, weak governance or inefficient processes. For that reason they are often overlooked by financial institutions. PUM plays a critical role in strengthening the business competences of SMEs, making them robust, and ‘de-risking’ their profile to impact investors.

De-risking SME profiles
For impact investors that don’t provide technical assistance (TA) in-house, PUM is a good alternative. We have a 35+ year track record of working with SMEs in developing countries and provide:

  • Technical assistance in advance, to get a potential investee ready
  • Operational due diligence, to contribute to the risk assessment process
  • Technical assistance during the investment period, to strengthen the business processes and competences of SMEs, and de-risk their profiles to financial lenders 

Our support leads to sustainable changes in an enterprises’ performance, and subsequently the entrepreneurs’ access to capital.
If you wish to strengthen the quality of your SME portfolio, please contact our Business development