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Youth employment

Closing the skill gap
Youth unemployment is a global problem, especially in developing countries. One of the reasons is the mismatch between skills taught at school, and skills demanded by the labour market. PUM helps to close this so-called skill gap.

Vocational education
We work with senior experts who have extensive experience in adapting vocational educational programmes to meet business demand. We have successfully worked with over 30 schools, leading to the following results:

  • graduates that are better equipped to fulfil entrepreneurs’ needs, finding jobs faster
  • companies that have less trouble finding skilled employees
  • vocational training institutes that have introduced state-of-the-art teaching methods and curricula, resulting in a better connection to the market, improved teaching skills of staff, and increased efficiency of school management.  

Young entrepreneurship
We also work closely with incubators and accelerators, aiming to improve their service offering to young entrepreneurs. Our senior experts have run their own businesses, have experienced most of the pitfalls themselves, and are passionate to motivate young people in becoming better entrepreneurs.

Partner with us
We are looking for development consultants and NGOs that develop or run youth employment programmes. PUM can bring in technical and training expertise as a subcontractor or service provider. Are you interested to work with us, then send your message to