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Chemical: Pharmaceutical, Herbal & Cosmetic Products

The Dutch chemical consortium competes internationally on a global scale, spending each year more than € 1 billion on research and development. Innovation in areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, nutrition and food sciences, coatings and high performance materials, is among the Netherlands top priorities and of paramount importance.

PUM senior experts with backgrounds in chemical sciences, technologies and production stand ready to support you in the following fields:
• Human and veterinary medicines
• Herbal extracts
• Fermentation products
• Crop protection products
• Disinfectants
• Cosmetic products
• Personal care products
• Soaps and detergents
• Industrial and domestic cleaners


  • Formulation development, production and packaging
  • Quality assurance, laboratory operations, certification
  • Equipment installation, operation and maintenance
  • Plant management
  • Product marketing and branding