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Chemical: Plastic & Rubber Industries

The composite and plastic markets in the Netherlands host some of the largest plastics producers in the world. Also, technical education in the Netherlands is of the very highest quality. It includes laboratory research into novel methods of materials reclamation for the recycling of plastics at the consumer level as well as on an industrial scale. It includes research into the development of thermoplastics and composites converter technologies.

Products derived from composites are used in the manufacture of everything from airplane wings, car roof tops, polyester boats, and electronics, to building facades and meter boxes. PUM aims to advise and support small-to-medium sized companies at every stage in their production of plastic compounds and composite converters. PUM also helps companies to upscale production efficiency and to attain next-higher levels of end-product quality. Can expertise available from PUM's polymers, composites and manmade fibers sector benefit your business?

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