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A Dairy Farm Centre of Excellence in India

A Dairy Farm Centre of Excellence in India
A Dairy Farm Centre of Excellence in India

PUM expert in Dairy and Beef Cattle, Tjeerd Dijkstra, remotely shared his knowledge with Mango Dairies:

“They asked my advice on improving the various aspects of animal husbandry. Through online sessions we discussed the reduction of the feeding costs; more balanced feeding; achieving micro and macro mineral management; and reducing the infertility of the cows. Final goal was to expand their herd and achieve a daily production of 10000 litres at a reasonable production cost. Important for Mango Dairies is to efficiently and sustainably produce consistent quality raw milk within standard norms, during the entire year.” Later, Tjeerd visited the farm in India and continued working on the issues already discussed during online. More specifically, he advised on how to increase the milk production of fresh cows, on different aspects of rearing young stock; and on manure management.

Natural fertiliser

One of the activities involved in the milk production process is producing feed for the cows. At Mango Dairies, they have plots for different food crops and Tjeerd noted the following: “At the moment, the cattle slurry is not used as natural fertiliser, but wasted. Instead, they use artificial manure to let the crops grow optimally. It would be ideal if they could collect the manure in a basin to mix it with water. Using pumps and pipes, they can utilise the cattle slurry as fertiliser for their crop fields. This will not only result in a lower purchase of artificial manure, but the organic matter content in the soil will increase leading to higher soil fertility.”

Hans Blankert Fund

Tjeerd and the client submitted a request with PUM’s fund Hans Blankert Fund (HBF) to partially invest in the system to use organic natural fertiliser. Jan Trapman, HBF Grant Coordinator, approved the application: “At PUM, we do everything we can to support our clients to grow their business, innovate and improve their sustainability. However, they are not always able to do so on their own and may require additional funds to purchase machines, equipment or tools. We have established the HBF to make investments of this kind possible. The fund also has a special facility to stimulate female entrepreneurship, as is the case for Mango Dairies, granting them a higher amount with a lower own contribution.”

The execution of the HBF investment was successfully handled by CEO Nikki, who managed the suppliers to deliver and place the materials on time. The staff of Mango Dairies worked hard on digging and laying the pipelines, excavating the concrete storage. The whole fertiliser system has been implemented successfully.

Nikki Pilania- Chaudhary, CEO Mango Dairies
Nikki Pilania- Chaudhary
CEO Mango Dairies

“With the support of PUM, we strengthen our example function for other dairy farms in the area. The advice of PUM expert Tjeerd Dijkstra has improved many aspects of our animal husbandry. With the investment of HBF we save on artificial fertiliser costs and improve our soil quality”.


Centre of excellence

Being a farmer first, Nikki believes that farmers need to be made shareholders in the entire process. Right from growing feed crops, cow farming and processing the milk to final sales of the finished products to consumers. As a Centre of Excellence, Mango Dairies will provide key services to their partners and share their knowledge on efficient raw milk production, preferably using a closed loop production process.