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Kigali's Leading Hospitality School

PUM offers support to vocational education and training institutions in close cooperation with the business sector in developing countries and emerging markets. We put our knowledge and experience to work to both collaborate with institutions to shape their trainings to the needs of the business sector, and support the business sector in recruiting well-educated employees.


A well-educated work force is of crucial importance for sustainable economic development. An important challenge lies in connecting vocational education to the needs of employers on the job market so young people can more easily find suitable work. The Kigali Leading Technical Secondary School (KLTSS) of hospitality and tourism is a school with about 450 students. In collaboration with various PUM experts and the enthusiasm of the educating crew of the school, it has become one of the leading schools in practical hospitality education in Kigali, Rwanda.

Willingness to learn

Contact between the KLTSS and PUM was first established when an experienced teacher and PUM expert from a hotel school from the Netherlands visited the institute. He analysed the educational system, the organisation, but also the willingness of the students to learn and, maybe even more important, of the teaching crew.

During the years that followed and over multiple advice missions, various areas in the school received attention, such as the reorganisation of the practical teaching rooms and the kitchen. The expert, Berend Heringa, set up a restaurant education room, the management received advice about educational material, and students and their teachers were taught various courses on tourism and hospitality.

The Drenthe College in the Netherlands made a friendly gesture towards Rwanda and helped them with schoolbooks. Another Dutch private organisation from St. Annaparochie contributed with a substantial donation. The kitchen is now well equipped for training matters.

Remote advice

Both KLTSS and the PUM expert continue to communicate, discussing follow up on recommendations and providing further advice by email, Skype and telephone. Step by step the school changed into a well-organised, professional training institute.

Berend Heringa
PUM expert

“With trust and full of enthusiasm I worked with the students in the kitchen. Organisational matters like finance and HRM were also discussed. New plans were presented for internships by the school and hotel businesses.”

Future opportunities

When we ask Berend Heringa about the changes and the plans for the future, he answers: “The KLTSS now is a leading school in tourism and hospitality in Kigali, Rwanda. With proper education, the students will be better prepared for finding a sustainable job in the hospitality sector in Rwanda or abroad.”