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Annual Report 2017

The year 2017 was one of major organisational change for PUM Netherlands senior experts. We invite you to visit where we explain in detail all of our core activities in 2017.

Integrated reporting

PUM reports on its annual activities and progress by using an integrated reporting format. Integrated reporting seeks to provide a clear picture of the value created by an organisation, not only in financial terms but also pertaining to the value of an organisation for society. The accountability of PUM is categorised by means of five ‘capitals’ to capture all factors, both inside and outside the organisation, which contribute to or influence value creation: 1) Intellectual capital, 2) Human capital, 3) Social network capital, 4) Natural capital and 5) Financial Capital.


The online Annual Report highlights an independent impact evaluation study by Wageningen Economic Research and Impact Centre Erasmus corroborated PUM’s intervention logic and theory of change, while reporting that over the period 2013-2016 results show positive impact on knowledge and business practices in 90% of all cases.

Best Practices

In PUM's online Annual Report, we also highlight some best practices from projects in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. These best practices will give you more insight into the impact of our advice concerning themes such as Food Security, Corporate Social Responsibility, Partnerships, Female Entrepreneurship, and Youth employability.

Facts & Figures 

The Facts & Figures and Financial statements will give you further insight into the achievements of our experts and about the costs of PUM’s operations.
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