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PUM 2.0: Connecting the dots

An look into PUM’s strategic programme development  
‘Speed-networking’ is happening within the PUM organisation: PUM is introducing creative ways of making sure all staff works together effectively. Recently we organized an encounter between country & sector coordinators and region & theme coordinators, supported by the PUM paid staff. Currently PUM is engaged in developing its annual country and sector strategy plans for 2018 and these plans were precisely the subject of discussion.

Questions that were handled during the session were for example: What do we want to achieve in terms of deliverables and impact in a country or sector? How to go about it? Which topic(s) should be the focus in a sector? Which sectors should we focus on in my country? What is the input from our representatives and/or partners on the ground?  
By staying closely in touch we are able to identify any possible gaps and overlaps between sectors and countries. This allows us to develop a solid intervention at country-level. Bottom line: it’s co-creation at its best.