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PUM and Medic – working together in the medical sector

Approximately half of PUM’s advisory missions in the Healthcare sector take place within the hospital industry. In particular at smaller hospitals and first aid posts in the rural areas of the countries where PUM is active. Necessary, modern equipment for diagnostics and treatment is often not present here.

Medic Foundation

The Medic Foundation is a voluntary organisation that already exists for more than 35 years. Approximately 90 experienced and motivated physicians and non-medical staff, including hospital technicians, nurses, metalworkers and financial experts are active as volunteers at the foundation. Medic collects medical equipment from Dutch hospitals for reuse. Every year between 100 and 150 projects are realised. The expert volunteers check the equipment for efficacy, repair it where necessary and make it suitable for shipment. In consultation with the customer, it is determined which equipment is needed and which requirements must be met. For example, are power outages a common problem? Medic has lamps with built-in batteries that will last for a few hours.

Marga Haveman, one of PUM's coordinators of the Healthcare sector, recently visited the Medic Foundation: 'In Apeldoorn Medic has several large halls full of all kinds of equipment. Whether it concerns lamps for the operating rooms, operating sets, surveillance equipment, it is all there. Medic collects equipment and goods from hospitals and other healthcare institutions. The equipment is tested in-house and, where necessary, revised, and then sold at marginal costs to local hospitals, maternity and child health clinics and first aid stations.'

'PUM experts are finding their way to Medic more and more often!'

PUM and Medic want to intensify their cooperation. The presence on site of a PUM expert who has seen the situation and who can provide support regarding contact with the customer is of great value. At the same time, it is important that PUM experts can advise the customer in the direction of Medic. In short, it is a win-win situation.

Want to know more?

Visit the Medic website or contact Hans Broertjes of Marga Haveman.