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PUM flies climate neutral


Sustainable entrepreneurship is part of PUM’s DNA, yet the CO2 emissions caused by the flights made by our experts total 7,870 tons a year. Climate Neutral Group is helping PUM offset its CO2 emissions in their climate project ‘Wind Energy in Turkey’. Carbon Advisor Jouke Roelfzema tells us more.

Why is offsetting CO2 emissions important?

‘CO2 emissions have a direct effect on global warming and it is the western world that is mainly responsible for these emissions while the poorer countries are the ones suffering from the effects. They experience climate change the most. Thanks to the Paris Climate Agreement, large companies have to drastically reduce their emissions, and although PUM isn’t obliged to, it is keen to take its share of the responsibility. Simply because corporate social responsibility and sustainability run through the organisation’s veins.’

How can PUM offset CO2 emissions?

‘The majority of PUM’s offset could be gained by flying less, but this isn’t an option because an expert needs to be on the spot during a mission. So PUM is compensating by investing in a wind farm in the Turkish province of Manisa. Over the past year, thirteen wind turbines have supplied 10,000 households with clean energy.’


Why exactly a wind farm?

‘In our climate projects, we always look at the extra advantages that can be gained. And we work with the United Nation’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), covering social aspects that range from promoting employment to ending hunger. In addition to offsetting CO2 emissions, the wind farm in Turkey also works on four of the SDG goals, namely: affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, innovation and infrastructure, and climate action. In this way, our action specifically addresses the climate problem and we contribute towards a higher standard of living.


About Climate Neutral Group
Climate Neutral Group (CNG) is a social venture working towards a climate neutral world. CNG offers businesses insight into their CO2 emissions, helps them reduce their emissions and provides offsetting by investing in sustainable projects. Since January 2017, CNG has been calculating the CO2 emission from each PUM flight made and how much wind energy is needed to offset the emissions. Would you like to know the CO2 emission of your private flight and how you can offset it? Check out