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PUM supports network business incubators from the African Union

PUM Netherlands senior experts will support the African network of 150 agricultural and horticultural business incubators AAIN (from the African Union) with knowledge and expertise.

In many developing countries the economic prospects of young people are extremely bleak and the development challenges youth faces are staggering. Particularly on the African continent, widespread unemployment, working poverty and lack of quality job opportunities not only heighten the risk of social unrest and political instability but are also perceived as key factors in shaping young people’s decision to migrate.


PUM has signed a cooperation agreement with AAIN (African Agribusiness Incubator Network) to give young people in Africa better economic perspectives. The partnership fits into PUM's programme to help set up and grow business incubators to prevent youth unemployment in Africa.

The first PUM experts are expected to travel to Kenya this year to share their knowledge and expertise with both the AAIN organisation itself and with affiliated agriculture business incubators. Henny van Vliet, Coordinator Incubator Programme at PUM, expects PUM's Incubator Programme to spread rapidly to other parts of Africa through this new collaboration since AAIN also has regional offices in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Mali, Zambia, South Africa, Senegal and Benin. For more information about our Incubator Programme, please visit our website.



AAIN is a private initiative designed to strengthen the capacity and professionalism of agricultural and horticultural incubators in Africa and to help commercialise new agricultural techniques and other innovations. AAIN is one of the technical arms of the African Union commission that deals with business incubation. The head office of AAIN is in Accra, Ghana. For more information, please visit: