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Accountancy and Financial Management

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The Netherlands has a strong financial sector and a long history of introducing new developments in the financial and accounting profession. Companies like Philips, Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever have a very strong reputation for their financial administration and reporting.

Our experts are Dutch finance professionals that have built their experience in various sectors of industry in the Netherlands and other parts of the world. They can assist small and medium-sized enterprises all over the world in solving all kind of financial issues.

Areas of expertise

The highest demand areas of expertise are listed below, but also if you have a financial issue that is not mentioned in this list, we can probably still assist you:

  • Financial administration and internal controls
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Management reporting
  • Management of working capital (receivables, stocks)
  • Cash management (cash flows and cash flow projections projections)
  • Cost accounting and cost price calculations
  • Preparation of financial forecasts and business plans (e.g. to support requests for funds from banks or other funders)

Some of the experts are qualified chartered accountants that are able to assist both professional accountancy organisations as well as individual practitioners in the audit sector.

To facilitate a healthy business and to provide a solid basis for financial decision making it is essential to have all the necessary financial information available, in time and correctly. Our experts can assist enterprises with all kind of financial expertise.

Financial administration and internal controls 

The basis for the financial administration of a starting company is a solid cashbook, but when the company is growing the requirements with respect to the financial administration increase. You would like to know what type of expenses you have, which customers generate most income, which customers still owe you money etcetera. To facilitate a better overview of the financial situation of the company you should introduce a financial accounting system. Our experts can assist you in selecting a (preferably cheap) package that meets your requirements. They can also assist in implementing such a package and training the staff in using the package.

Planning, budgeting and management reporting

After the business is growing you may feel the need to prepare a financial plan and to monitor the actual financial performance versus the plan. Our experts can assist you in the development of a budgeting process and developing reports for monitoring purposes.

Management of cash and working capital

The availability of cash is essential to operate your business. To make sure that you have sufficient cash available in the short and the longer term it is essential to do some kind of cash planning. To facilitate such a planning you need information about payments by customers, payments to vendors, stock levels, investments etcetera. PUM experts can assist in developing simple cash flow projections that show you if sufficient cash is available for the operation. If the projections show insufficient cash you have sufficient time to take remedial actions, like reduce stock levels, increase actions with respect to accounts receivable and or contact the bank in order to arrange for short or longer term bank loans.

Cost accounting and cost price calculations

To make sure that your sales generate sufficient profits you will have to know the cost price of your goods sold. If you have a trading organisation that is not very complicated, but if you manufacture goods the situation becomes more complicated. Our experts can assist you in constructing a solid cost price calculation system and to incorporate these cost prices in the financial administration. By doing so you can monitor the profitability of the articles sold and the value of the products in stock.

Financial forecasts and business plans 

There can be various drivers that dictate the need for financial forecasts and business planning. When the business grows in such a way that more people, next to the owner, become involved in the decision making, it is necessary to have a clear common objective. Such an objective can be laid down in a business plan.

Another driver could be the need for outside financing. The expansion of the business or the need for additional investments may require additional funds. Outside investors normally ask for financial projections (profit and loss account, balance sheets and cash flow projections) to demonstrate that the company will be able to repay their debts. Our experts can assist you in preparing funding requests for banks or other potential funders, PUM does not offer funding.

One specific area of expertise relates to the provision of support to auditing organisations and individual audit firms. The auditing sector is an integral part of a country’s national financial infrastructure. A strong auditing profession is key in promoting financial stability and socio- economic development.

Our audit experts can assist both so-called Professional Accountancy Organisations (PAOs) as well as individual small and medium-sized practitioners (SMPs) in the audit sector. The assistance provided by our experts is based on international audit standards. Our audit experts are qualified chartered accountants and have built experience in the accountancy sector in the Netherlands and other parts of the world.

Asha D. Abinallah
Chief Executive Office, Tech & Media Convergency

“We had the privilege to have an Innovator, Expert, and Finance Guru from the Netherlands – Mr. Gideon Burgel visiting us. He shared his knowledge on how to set up a financial control system and coached the management team on finance issues in getting up to date on skills and competencies to leverage in the rapidly changing ICT environment and ecosystem.”

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