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Bakery: Bread, Pastry & Confectionary

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The sector bakery consists of a variety of producers of different products, ranging from bakery to confectionery. In addition, the sector Bakery includes milling, suppliers of equipment and of yeast and other bakery ingredients.

Bakery production is carried out in small and medium- sized craft (or ‘artisan’) bakeries as well as on an industrial scale, everything ranging from personalized manual baking to fully automated production lines.

While daily, freshly baked bread is an essential part of production, prebaked bread together with the production of frozen dough and other pre-proofed products are becoming an ever more substantial part of turnover.

Sales distribution is focused on entrepreneur-owned shops, supermarkets, and retail shops. Craft bakeries sell in the direct vicinity of the bakery, while medium-sized and industrial bakeries serve regional and national markets.

Areas of expertise


  • Tin bread
  • Free standing bread
  • Buns/rolls
  • Puff pastry
  • Danish pastry
  • Cake
  • Tarts (also decoration)
  • Cookies
  • Biscuit
  • Chocolate
  • Donut/berliner/fried products

Special production process

  • Bake-off and/or part-baked
  • Sour dough
  • Whole grain products
  • Gas-packaging

Organisation & management

  • Small bakery
  • Middle bakery
  • Industrial bakery
  • Chocolate production and/or shops
  • Lunchroom/cafeteria

Flour mill

  • Supplier of bakery ingredients
  • Supplier of bakery equipment
Ethiopian entrepreneur posing with plate
Yodit Hailu Weldemdhi
Owner Kalos Confectionaries, Ethiopia

“I had one clear goal for my bakery business: to grow. Together with PUM expert Jan Bosch we worked on the extension and improvement of the product range. He also advises to open a baker’s shop next to the bakery, where we now generate a considerable turnover.”

Client examples

New products for bakery

The owner of a bread bakery and confectionery shop was greatly interested in expanding his range of confectionery products. In collaboration with a PUM expert (who provided bakery staff with a host of recipes for new kinds of pastry) the wishes of the entrepreneur were fulfilled. As a consequence of extending the range of products, the bakery grew significantly. This enabled the owner to open a new bakery and to extend the number of branch shops where his bread and confectionary products could be sold.

Booming business

A small baker who was producing for the local market wanted to improve business. PUM expert in master baker and former head of a baking school in The Netherlands collaborated with him to achieve his goal. He showed the employees better hygiene practices and more efficient production methods and taught the owner to manage the shop more effectively. A passionate baker himself, the PUM expert provided the bakery with new recipes for a variety of breads and pastry products. The baker has grown to be very successful with greatly improved sales and has even opened a second shop in a different city.

Quality improvement

A bakery/restaurant requested that a PUM expert have a close look at its range of produces and at product quality. Upon a thorough assessment of products and services, quality, and of the standards for staff management, an action plan was drawn up aimed at improving business. Included in the plan were items such as presentation of products, staff coaching, equipment requirements, and expansion of product range. After the plan’s implementation, the business owner requested a follow-up project with an eye to further development.

Expanding production

A maize mill requested a PUM expert to analyze milling methods and quality control. The company produces maize meal from corn supplied by local farmers, as well as from commercial agents. The mill’s clients include department stores, neighbourhood shops, market traders, and private persons. The company wanted to expand production and sales by means of technology upgrades. In addition to offering recommendations on how to improve efficiency, quality, and output, PUM’s expert also helped train personnel. The company now runs more smoothly and efficiently than ever and is enjoying a substantial boost in profitability.



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