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PUM’s building experts advise on building projects in every phase. Customers may expect our architects, designers and engineers to advise on functional and cost-effective buildings, safe and healthy workplaces and quality and durability of systems.

Our supply and production of building materials experts may be expected to advise entrepreneurs in the building industry on high quality material selection or production. Our construction experts advise construction companies on well-aligned processes, total quality programmes, prefabrication of building elements under controlled circumstances, but also on construction methods.

Additionally in every phase we have experts on project management, marketing, systems, education and other general expertise. All experts focus on reliable, clean and sustainable processes.

Areas of expertise

Feasibility studies

Each investment in building should start with a feasibility study to be aware of possible costs and revenues. Such a study assesses the scope of the project and calculates the costs per square meter making it possible to calculate the overall budget.


Different purposes of buildings require different types of design expertise. For most types of buildings, we have a design expert available. During detailed designing, the customer often will be asked to make decisions in the on-going design process. This concerns mainly questions about unforeseen situations leading to additional work and budget adjustments. Our experts advice and train the customer in discussions with all parties involved in the project.

Project management

Projects require proper preparation and the controlling of time, money, quality, risks, organisation, information and documentation. Our experts advise on a set of managerial procedures to meet these requirements.


Our experts have experience with concrete and ceramic products, sanitary parts, clay products, cement production, doors and windows and flooring and facing. Both on the spot and in prefabrication of elements. Many of the experts also know their way around sales and suppliers of building materials.


For a building (or any construction) to function properly, installations specific to electricity, water, waste-water discharge, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are required. All these items have their own unique prerequisites and need to be approached accordingly.

Danilo Yee
Owner Kuntel Construction, the Philippines

“With the new plant, my production capacity has increased. Working together with a professional like Bert was really valuable. Thanks to his recommendations, the quality of the concrete has become better and more consistent. That’s why we call it Bert’s formula!”

Client examples

Roadbuilding company

We were asked to advise and support a roadbuilding company to help raise the productivity and quality of work. In a few consecutive visits, the PUM expert discussed internal procedures and quality awareness with the staff and all other employees. The processes are now internally accepted, in large part because the staff helped in their formulation. Aside from this, another PUM expert educated relevant staff members on quality control requirements. He also helped develop an asphalt laboratory to test and monitor product quality.

Marketing advice

Several hundred brick and roof-tile factories pose health risks for the people living in the vicinity. The government invited a PUM expert, specialised in ceramics. He gave lectures to a group of bigger companies and invited them to work together. As a result, they learned how to blend clay to optimal compositions for a better product and less emissions. Until then the companies spoke different languages and didn’t share knowledge. They learned how working together can benefit everyone and how it can transcend individual interests.

Building contractor

A building contractor took on a project which was a bit bigger than his regular jobs involving groups of only two to five individual houses. This project was to build a large number of houses for a social housing society. The PUM expert, together with the staff, realigned the planning, focusing on repetition of work and on assigning separate groups of workmen to separate tasks. The staff was also educated in better and more accurate measurement, which made it possible to produce in advance such items as doorframes, and the like. The project deadline was met.

Contractors association

A contractors association needed help in three areas:

  1. how to run and to improve the effectiveness of the association;
  2. how to improve workers’ craftsmanship;
  3. how to improve company management at each association member company.

PUM was able to working together with the association in all three areas. We networked with relevant associations in the Netherlands to provide the client with practical advice. Memberships doubled. The PUM expert proposed and sketched out a blueprint for a vocational training centre, for which the association will establish a separate foundation. During a follow-up visit, the expert conducted well received seminars with topics on company management and project/site management.

A dam for irrigation

A group of entrepreneurs considered building a hydro-electric dam in a local river to supply irrigation water to farms and household water to citizens. A PUM expert investigated the possibilities and threats. He initiated a feasibility study and calculated a provisional budget. Insight was gained in possible profits and costs before investments were allocated to the project. The expert also drew attention to several technical problems to be solved first.



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