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This industry in the Netherlands consists of a wide range of international acting companies and organisations involved in the research and production of chemicals and in chemical industry construction. In 2012, this industry had a turnover of sixty billion euros, including the pharmaceutical industry, and had in its employ ca. 64,000 workers. After Germany and France, the Netherlands is the third largest chemical supplier in Europe.

In this market segment, PUM experts have been in the forefront of many internationally recognised developments in association with multinationals such as AkzoNobel, DSM, Shell, Ten Cate, DOW, ENCI, IFF, Sabic, and many more. Our experts possess extensive knowledge in the areas of research & development, engineering & production, ISO, QSHE, REACH, chemical analytic techniques, logistics, chemical plant construction & maintenance, and in sales & marketing.

Areas of expertise

Formulation development, pilot production, mass production and packaging

Based upon local requirements and market demand, and in keeping with international standards, new products can be designed and existing products critically evaluated and optimised with respect to price and performance. Validation of production processes may also be addressed.

Quality assurance, laboratory operations, certification

In this industry segment it is important to build quality into one’s products. Testing one’s products according to international standards (e.g., ISO, ASTM , DIN ) is a key factor in achieving objective product evaluations. Our experts have ample expertise in this field. Assistance in development and testing methods is offered for laboratory analysis methodologies, such as HPLC, GC, and so on.

Equipment installation, operation and maintenance

Equipment design, installation, operation, and performance qualification can be reviewed for heating, clean air conditioning, and ventilation. In addition, we offer advice on new equipment procurement for production upscaling.

Plant management

Experienced managers can assist when a company’s growth gives rise to complicated issues involving, for instance, the rescaling of managerial and human resources requirements.

Product marketing and branding

Marketing and sales are areas of expertise requiring a lot of training together with nuanced talents. PUM experts possess the necessary knowhow to assist management and to train operators.

Dany Njeim, lebanon
Dany Njeim
Owner RN Chemicals, Lebanon

“After the PUM expert’s visit, we noticed a big change within our company, along with an increase in sales volume. Earlier, we were unable to see the opportunities because the processes were complex and unclear. Now we clearly see the opportunities that are open to us. For us, working with a PUM expert from the Netherlands was the best choice and the best opportunity we have ever had.”

Client examples

Phosphor rock, a source for chemicals

A phosphor rock mining company was advised on possible products that can be transferred from the raw material into phosphoric acid, superphosphate fertilizer, and sodium tripolyphosphate. A possible setup for a manufacturing plant was made.

Optimisation of productions plants

PUM experts advised many different chemical production plants on how to improve processes, equipment, plant layout, logistics, SWOT analyses, QSHE aspects, lean production, black belt, and efficiency & effectiveness. This was the case with production plants for such products as: disinfectants, food & beverages, beauty aids, fertilizers, master batches, glues, emulsions, wash & cleaning agents, sealants, shoe polish, plant protection chemicals.

Extending the lifespan of flowers

In order to extend the lifespan of flowers, the flowers must be treated with chemicals. A PUM expert discussed with the client various analyses of the process and advised the client to implement changes with respect to: chemicals, dyestuffs, temperatures, process timings, filtration, agitation, ventilation, overall monitoring.

Chemical analysis techniques

PUM experts advised many laboratories, companies and organisations on chemical analysis techniques and provided on-site training. In addition, the experts gave instruction on sample and handling for e.g. pesticides in water, fruit, and wine, water- and fat- soluble vitamins.

Improving efficiency and effectiveness of a maintenance department

One of our experts advised an extrusion company regarding reduction of maintenance-dependent losses in production capacity, also regarding improvements in equipment efficiency enabling installed equipment to achieve optimal output. The desired gains relied upon various methodologies utilising tools like the ‘Overall Equipment Effectiveness Index’, the ‘Maintenance Management Maturity Survey’ and the ‘Manufacturing Process Management Survey’.

Polyurethane foam for mattress producer

Installed equipment to achieve optimal output. The desired gains relied upon various methodologies utilising tools like the ‘Overall Equipment Effectiveness Index’, the ‘Maintenance Management Maturity Survey’ and the ‘Manufacturing Process Management Survey’.

Scented candles

Some candle producers were advised by a PUM expert on how to significantly improve candle production. The companies were also advised on how best to bring the candles to market at a more upscale level through the use of better moulds, wicks, and applications of specialised scents together with more attractive packaging. During the visits, business and marketing plans were drawn up along with cost price calculation scenarios used to enable unique cost calculations for each end product.

Improving natural salt winning processes

A PUM expert advised salt winning companies, for both the human and animal market segments, on how to improve washing, milling, and drying processes in addition to providing them useful tips on packaging. The companies were also provided with advice on how to improve achievements in better mass and heat balances by means of upgrading of equipment.



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