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Inorganic Materials, Industry Glass/Ceramics

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With companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Royal DSM and AkzoNobel, The Netherlands have a long and vast history in chemical industries. That has led to high quality technical education and an innovative state of the art research & development base supported by the Dutch government.

Our PUM chemical experts offer advice in all areas of chemical industries and in all phases of the process. All experts will maintain a corporate social responsibility view on their advice. As do most experts know how to comply with regulations like ISO and QSHE. Additionally, in every phase we have experts on project management, marketing, systems, education and other general expertise.

Areas of expertise

Formulation, production & packaging

Based upon local requirements and market demand, and in keeping with international standards, new products can be designed and existing products critically evaluated and optimised with respect to price and performance. Validation and certification of production processes may also be addressed.

Plant management

Many of our experts are experienced managers. They can assist when a company’s growth gives rise to complicated issues involving, for instance, the rescaling of managerial and human resources requirements.

Product marketing and branding

Marketing and sales are areas of expertise requiring a lot of training together with specific nuanced talents. Our experts possess the know-how to assist management and train field workers.

Detailed knowledge of glass and ceramics production and technology, both industrial and artistic production is available at PUM. Our experts are well experienced in the implementation and product development as well as advanced production techniques.

Specific knowledge is available of:

  • Pottery
  • Glazing
  • Vitreous

Utilisation of the glass and ceramics products can be found in various objects.

Laxmi Kumar Prajapati
Former President NCCS, Nepal

“I would like to thank you for the great collaboration on establishing the training center, which will help a lot to preserve and sustain our pottery tradition. We always appreciate PUM’s valuable suggestions to run, grow and glow this training center. Thank you very much.”

Client examples

Quality improvement in India

Ceramics are widely used in India for industrial art and household products. A company producing art products asked assistance to provide advice on an alternative energy source for using the oven. The customer used wood as energy source in a highly populated area, which is environmentally unfriendly and unsafe. The PUM expert gave advice to use gas instead. The quality of the art end products was not up to par either. Therefore, the expert gave instructions on how to improve the glass blowing methods and manual handling of the products.

Ceramics production in Sri Lanka

A company in Sri lanka producing ceramics, mostly vases, wanted PUM’s advice to design a new set of vases that could also be exported to Europe. During the project it became clear that apart from the design of the vases the quality of the vases was not sufficient to meet European standards. The PUM expert made recommendations to improve the production process. A plan was also proposed to make better use of the ovens, change the production lay-out, and make use of different polishing equipment. The use of different quality of raw materials and an adjusted formula of the clay did improve the end product considerably. A new design was developed for the vases and the client successfully started exporting the small size vases to Europe.



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