Paints, Ink & Lacquer

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In the Netherlands, ‘Paints, Ink & Lacquer’ is an industry of international scope. The companies and organisations in this sector are involved in the production of these materials and their related products, such as glues, solvents, thinners and sealants. And research & development for the ‘Paints,Ink & Lacquer’ sector is of major importance to the Dutch economy. The Netherlands Paint and Ink Association has represented this industry for more than 100 years.

PUM experts have worked at the forefront of this industry with companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, Royal DSM, DSM- NeoResins, AkzoNobel, PPG Industries, Johnson Polymers Ltd, Johnson Matthey, and others. Therefore our PUM experts can draw on extensive backgrounds in:

  • Production and logistics
  • Sales and marketing
  • Research-&-development
  • Chemical analysis techniques
  • Experience complying with QSHE and ISO regulations

Areas of expertise

Formulation development, production and packaging

Based upon local requirements and market demand, and in keeping with international standards, new products can be designed and existing products critically evaluated and optimised with respect to price and performance. Certification for production processes can also be addressed.

Quality assurance, laboratory operations, certification

In this industry segment, it is important to build quality into your products. Testing your products according to international standards (e.g., ISO, ASTM, DIN) is a key factor in achieving objective international standardisation. PUM experts have ample expertise in this field. Our experts can offer help learning to use laboratory testing techniques such as ‘High Performance Liquid Chromatography’ and ‘Gas Chromatography’.

Equipment installation, operation and maintenance

PUM experts are able to review your equipment’s design, installation and operation to ensure that air quality control and heating and ventilation standards are met. Our experts can also advise you on any necessary equipment upgrades.

Plant management

Many of our PUM experts are experienced managers. When a company’s growth gives rise to complicated issues involving, for instance, the rescaling of managerial and human resources requirements, these experts stand ready to help.

Product marketing and branding

Marketing and sales are areas of expertise which require a lot of careful training. Our experts are in possession of the nuanced talents and necessary knowhow to assist management and train staff.

Chaker Saab
Chairman of Tinol Paints International Co., Lebanon

“Thanks to the cooperation with PUM, the quality remains better than the competition’s. We introduced new formulas on the Lebanese market with Ad’s support, and there is a big price advantage.”

Client examples

New paint market segments and production improvement

A paint company asked PUM for support in two areas:

  • Improvements to the existing production process,
  • Investigation into the possibility of entering into new markets.

During the project, two new market opportunities were discussed:

  • Flexographic inks,
  • Road marking paints.

In the Netherlands, there are possible and interesting business contacts for both market segments. Also, advice was given to improve the exiting processes for making thinners and latex paint as well as wood, automotive, and industrial paints.

Automotive paints

A paint company specialising in leather finishes and wood sealants wanted to break into the automotive paints market. During the mission, the company was advised to improve on already existing manufacturing processes and then on how to adapt those techniques to the more demanding tasks required in the manufacture of automotive paints. Modern, less toxic ingredients were suggested as replacements for the more dangerous paint components which the company had been using. How these various raw materials interact with one another was explained as required.

Inks and varnishes for the graphics industry

A PUM expert visited a supplier of inks and varnishes for the graphics industry. It was discovered that the denser elements of the varnishes were settling to the bottom of their containers after prolonged storage. Improvements to the dispersion techniques for stable suspension of products’ ingredients were recommended. The effect was much better scuff-resistant varnish even after lengthy warehousing of the products. Also, the way of testing the varnishes’ calendaring and heat resistance properties was improved. Finally, varnish compositions were altered resulting in better leveling behavior.

Decorative and industrial paints

A paint company was confronted with unhappy customers complaining about the paint. It was suggested the company set up a ‘customer centre’ dedicated exclusively to addressing customers’ technical issues. The centre could also serve as a space where presentations and training would be offered for things like correct ways of applying the various types of paint. And the PUM expert provided the company with information on how to improve the compositions and production of aerosol spray-paints and on how best to ensure the stability of latex- based paints. This and other basic knowledge was passed on and training was provided necessary to exploit that knowledge.

Road marketing paint company

A supplier of road marking paint was being restricted in the composition of its paint by the government. The company needed a change of formulation in compliance with government regulations which at the same time maintained or improved quality. The company sent to the Netherlands a delegation tasked with evaluating a formulation in use by a Dutch supplier. The delegation looked carefully at how the Dutch formulation was being applied on the roads of Holland. The knowledge gained was invaluable. Apart from road marking paint formulations, the PUM expert also gave advise on powder coatings.



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