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Plastic & Rubber Industries

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The composite and plastic markets in the Netherlands host some of the largest plastics producers in the world. Also, technical education in the Netherlands is of the very highest quality. It includes laboratory research into novel methods of materials reclamation for the recycling of plastics at the consumer level as well as on an industrial scale. It includes research into the development of thermoplastics and composites converter technologies.

Products derived from composites are used in the manufacture of everything from airplane wings, car roof tops, polyester boats, and electronics, to building facades and meter boxes. PUM aims to advise and support small and medium-sized companies at every stage in their production of plastic compounds and composite converters. PUM also collaborates with companies to upscale production efficiency and to attain next- higher levels of end-product quality.

Can expertise available from PUM’s polymers, composites and manmade fibers sector benefit your business? To find out, refer below to the listings of the various areas of expertise we offer. If you don’t find what you are looking for, or have questions, contact your PUM representative. For your convenience, we’ve included select case histories located below under the heading ‘client examples’.

Areas of expertise

Design, production of moulds/casts

Laboratory opertations

Workshop management

Product sources used

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • ABS
  • Elastomeres
  • Natural rubber
  • Unsaturated polyesther
  • PVC

Processing technologies used

  • Injection molding
  • Blow molding
  • Extrusion
  • Hot press molding • Cold press molding • Spraying
  • Hand lay-up
Le Bach Long
Owner Rubber Glove Factory, Vietnam

“Jaap showed us different methods on how to deal with the problem of discoloured and smelly gloves, so that we could then solve it ourselves. We hope to expand to other countries after that.”

Client examples

A real success story

A PUM expert visited a small company producing fishing boats, in addition to some low-end products, all based on unsaturated polyester composites. The aim was to improve product quality for eventual export to Europe. The manager of the company developed a concept whereby a customer purchasing a new fishing boat might obtain a loan to start up a fishing business. This concept worked out very well and after continued PUM support, company sales increased to the point where the manager was able to invest in product quality improvement so as to begin export to Europe. The entrepreneurial approach of the owner of the company, together with the steering advice of PUM expertise, made this a real success story. The company has meanwhile opened a second, bigger factory.

Increased sales

Advice from a PUM expert creates diversification opportunities for a PVC producer: The company required technical support in making PVC pipes and in recycling PVC in an economically and environmentally sound manner. The PUM expert also looked at the overall production and organisation structure. By upgrading all facets and aspects of production and organisation, the company has the ambition to become a supplier to government projects, irrigation projects, and to construction companies and the shoe industry.

Films of high quality

A producer of polyethylene films contacted PUM for help in widening his production of quality films. The PUM expert conveyed indispensable theoretical background knowledge for optimal films production. Together they discussed several applications and exchanged information about various lines of European film production.

Improving safety products

An important local producer of safety materials requested PUM expertise. The plastics-based products (helmets, safety glasses, belts, etc.) were produced in the tax-free zone of Bogotá, Colombia, as well as in Bogotá proper. The products were mainly sold on the local market. The company seized upon the opportunity to buy similar products in China, either as final end products, or in components to be assembled in Colombia. The company also wanted to export the products within South America. The PUM expert was asked to assess two scenarios:

  1. Buy the final product in China and ship to Colombia? Or ship the products directly to export markets?
  2. Buy the components in China and assemble the final product in Colombia? Or set up an assembly plant somewhere in China?

Based on data collected by the PUM expert during the visit, cost, risk and benefit analyses were performed upon which clear best practice cases could be drawn up and presented to management.



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