Poultry Farming

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Dutch poultry production is internationally orientated. About 70 per cent of the production is exported, mostly to EU countries. Geographically, the Netherlands is very well located in an area with about 150 million prosperous consumers. Paris, London, Berlin are all within 500 km. The Netherlands is a leading nation when it comes to poultry farming expertise worldwide.

A day-old-chicken, pullet and adult hen act the same everywhere, although public concern differs widely in many countries. What is different are housing (open or closed), accommodation (from cages through deep litter to free-range), feeding and drinking systems, feed supply (on-farm produced or from external sources) and the climate. Poultry constantly show signs about their health, well-being, and performance. Poultry farming throughout the world is going through significant changes. Public concern about the negative environmental effects of poultry farming, as well as ethical issues such as animal welfare and medicine use, are gaining importance. In order to cope with these developments, changes in the farm set-up and management have to be considered, as they may affect the income of the poultry farmer.

Areas of expertise

Poultry production

  • Breeding, rearing, growing
  • Operational management
  • Healthcare
  • Hatchery and hatching process
  • Farm management and record keeping
  • Health and veterinary care
  • Family poultry farming, organic
  • Manure handling, waste management

Poultry housing

  • Farm buildings
  • Equipment & systems
  • Alternative poultry production systems
  • Climate control


  • On-farm poultry slaughtering


  • Integrated farming (breeding, hatching, feed mill, slaughter, egg grading)
  • Family farming
  • Research
  • Extension services
  • Training


  • Ducks, geese, pigeons
  • Rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.
Kilacha at the office
Father Landelini Makiluli
Initiator of Kilacha, Tanzania

“In collaboration with PUM expert Paul we have been able to professionalise our hatchery and increase the output of broilers up to 20 – 40.000 a week. The poultry farm will have a new rearing unit for 5.500 chicks and additional parent production house. The farm is an excellent facility for the students at our school to receive their practical lessons and gain experience.”


Professional people for positive impact

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