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Basic conditions

As a PUM expert you will advise entrepreneurs in developing and/or emerging markets. This is rewarding and fascinating work, but imposes considerable demands on the experts we need.
This is what we ask from you:

  • You are available to execute a project at least twice a year
  • You are willing and available to professionalize yourself as an expert (for example by attending to a training provided by PUM)
  • Your flexibility is such that you are able to execute a project within a period of two months
  • You have a lot of working experience, preferably in a developing country
  • You view the transfer of knowledge and experience as a challenge
  • You have the Dutch nationality
  • You speak and write English well (French or Spanish are an advantage)
  • You are able to make a decent corporate analysis and report in English, and are able to provide aftercare or follow-up advice
  • You have an affinity with developing countries and/or emerging markets
  • You are adventurous, flexible and like to meet people from different cultures

Do you fulfil these basic conditions? Then please register via the button in the menu on the right-hand side.