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PUM privacy scheme

Information for the (candidate) expert
In our digital registration form, we ask your permission to use your personal details. Below we explain why.
Why do we need your details?
To register you as a PUM expert, we need information about you. Only once we have that information can we assess whether you are eligible for entry in the PUM expert database.
What details do we need?
For example we want to know where you live and when you were born, but we also ask for further information about your background, such as study and work experience.
Personal Data Protection Act
Anyone using personal details is subject to a special law, the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp). This Act outlines the obligation upon organisations or businesses using personal details. The Act states that although not compulsory, it is useful for bodies using the information to draw up a Privacy Scheme. For that reason, PUM has drawn up a Privacy Scheme. The Wpb Act also lays down the rights you have to the details stored about you, at PUM.
What will we do with your details?
The details we receive from you will be stored in our computer system. Your details will only be read by duly authorised employees and staff volunteers at PUM as well as by PUM-experts using PUM's intranet (PUMnet), and as soon as you are eligible for a project, by the local representative of PUM and the company to which you will be put forward in your role as PUM-expert. If we wish to discuss your details with other interested parties, we first need your permission, or in special circumstances, permission from your legal representative.
Your rights
1. Right to examination
If you wish to view the details about you recorded by PUM, this is possible at all times. Simply submit your request to the HRM department of PUM. Within four weeks, they will ensure that you have an opportunity to examine the details. If your request is refused, you can issue an objection. The HRM department at PUM will explain the procedure.
2. Right to improvement, removal, addition or screening of your details
If, in your opinion, your details contain factual inaccuracies (these must be facts that can be checked) or if details are missing or are unnecessary, you have the right to make changes. Submit a request to your sector coordinator. If you sector coordinator is not in agreement, you can submit an objection to the HRM department at PUM. If PUM does not wish to comply with your request for improvement, addition, removal or screening, you will receive a response to that effect, with supporting arguments, within the specified term. If you wish to object to the decision, within six weeks following receipt of the reply from PUM, you can turn to the courts, with a request to order PUM to comply with your request for improvement, addition, removal or screening.
What happens with your details once you are deregistered from PUM?
If you have applied to be registered as a PUM expert, but your request is rejected, all details that can be linked to you as an individual will be removed from our administration within not more than two months.
If PUM has prepared a file on you, these details remain stored in our electronic database up to one year following expiry of your registration as an expert at PUM. After this period, all details that can be linked to you as an individual are removed from our administration.
If you have any further questions, please contact the HRM department of PUM (+31(0)70-349 0 555 / e-mail