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In the Spotlight: Construction Sector


Filipino director and architect Danilo Yee of the construction company Kuntel Construction asked PUM a few years ago if someone could help him improve his cement production. Expert Bert van der Plas found a heavily outdated cement mixer, manual cement being handled in a heavily polluted area and an incorrect grain distribution of the sand and gravel. His conclusion: Danilo would be able to improve their quality and lower the cost price.

After the visit of Bert van der Plas, PUM invited Danilo to visit a large cement producer in Amsterdam. There he saw that the computer-controlled equipment saved a lot of manpower.


Back in Bacolod, his contractor business was booming. The economy in the Philippines was on the rise and Danilo made enough profit to invest in a new cement plant. A happy coincidence of circumstances. With the addition of the new factory, the production capacity of Kuntel Construction has increased and the quality of their cement has become more consistent.

Family business

Danilo is in his sixties and still fully in charge of the company. However, he gradually passes more and more responsibility onto his children. His dream is that they will run the business independently someday. Danilo treats his people with care: he has a certificate hanging in his office that states that Kuntel has operated for 1,000,000 hours without industrial accidents, quite a performance for a construction company!

Bert’s Formula

From a business perspective, Danilo’s creative attitude is also bearing fruit. The composition of his new cement is called ‘Bert’s Formula’. Everyone will know that a Dutch expert has been involved in Kuntel Construction’s cement production. Bert himself was deeply impressed by the results of his advice during a second visit to Kuntel: ‘The quality they deliver is excellent and can easily compete with Dutch construction companies.’

‘Danilo is the perfect example of what PUM can achieve’

Cement laboratory

During a follow-up mission, Bert also advised Danilo on the right design and layout of a cement laboratory. According to Bert, owning a cement laboratory not only increases a company’s production, but also strengthens their market image. Bert van der Plas: "Danilo is the perfect example of what PUM can do for others. The entrepreneur transformed his old factory into a modern cement factory using the knowledge he had gained during a business link visit to the Netherlands. I still have contact with Danilo and know that he is very busy and that his business is flourishing!”