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Sustainable solution for Vietnamese producer of veterinary medicines


“By putting the trust between the employees of the company at the heart of our corporate culture, we create an important advantage over our competitors in the future. Therefore, we focus on a transparent cooperation system in which all employees are prepared to learn.”

Nguyen Huu Vinh, owner and director of VMC Animal Health in Vietnam, is also an enthusiastic student himself. VMC first started as a distributor of animal feed, veterinary medicines and food additives in 2004, and switched to its own production in 2010. In 2016, the company opened the first pharmaceutical factory. Nguyen Huu Vinh faced three challenges: “We struggled with the production of antibiotics in the solution form, the quality control and criteria of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the demands of the European and international markets.”

VMC already met the WHO requirements for Vietnam, but wanted to meet the international WHO criteria so that they could export more. It was also important for VMC to comply with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) criteria. In addition to technical advice, expert Arie Maat also gave advice on running the quality control department.

‘Thanks to years of experience, we were able to find the solution to our problem in a short time’

Improving formulas

“Thanks to years of experience, we were able to find the solution to our problem in a short time. Arie Maat worked on the formulas to produce four antibiotics, the most important antibiotic products of VMC at the moment. These are not new products. We already produced them with our own formulas, but the products expired faster than we expected. We could not guarantee the expiration date. Arie Maat helped us to improve the formulas and to renew the products. Thanks to his help, our products can now last longer and we can guarantee higher durability.”

“We have introduced the improved products to the market, we continue to monitor the performance of the products and we have regular contact with Arie to get feedback from him. The product receives a lot of positive feedback from the customers and both our sales and our market share have increased by 30% thanks to the four improved antibiotic products.”

Arie Maat (66) is an expert in the pharmaceutical products sector. He has been an active PUM expert since 2015.

Text and photography: Opmeer Reports