Experts in Textile & Leather and Consumer Goods

Are you the Expert who can help us with projects in the Textile and Leather Industry and Consumer goods? And would you like to share your knowledge as a volunteer with entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries and emerging markets? Then we are looking for you!

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Upcycling and resale of clothes

What do you bring?

All our experts have advanced knowledge of every aspect of textile and leather production and include sales and marketing, general management and financial aspects in their advice. The textile and leather experts also take into account environmental awareness and quality/process control.

We are looking for new experts in the Textile and Leather Industry & Consumer Goods who are enthusiastic to share their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Technique (confection, dyeing, printing, batik, weaving, spinning, tanning)
  • Logistics (setting up production locations, stock management, optimization)
  • Fashion Management
  • (Alternative) raw materials
  • Certification and EU regulations
  • Quality control & management
  • Sustainability (re- and upcycling, natural dyes, circularity)


How does it work?

We connect (‘match’) you with a client who needs advice. You give this advice remotely (Remote Advice), via Microsoft Teams, and/ or share your knowledge on location. In the latter case, PUM organises and pays for your trip and accommodation. You will also receive an expense allowance.


What is the goal?

You would like to share your knowledge with our customers in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America, and in turn learn from them. You support our common goal: to ensure that the companies (SMEs) we work with can grow in a sustainable and inclusive way. That will also create jobs. Corporate social responsibility and gender equality are always a focus here.


More about PUM

As a PUM expert, you will be part of a network of approximately 1200 volunteer experts from 36 sectors of the economy. Your network abroad will also grow, through our clients, our representatives in 37 countries, and our numerous partner organisations. Do you want to know more about PUM? Read more about what we do.

Do you want more information? Please contact Gea Eleveld via Gea.Eleveld@pum.nl. 

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