Sector Coordinator Water & Waste Management

IMAGINE empowering ambitious entrepreneurs within the water and waste management sector in building a structurally better future for their communities; socially, ecologically and economically. Picture yourself leading a team of expert volunteers, matching their skills with impactful projects in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.  

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Drilling for clean water in remote villages

We are PUM 

All around the world, local communities are flourishing. Powered by the passion and expertise of entrepreneurs who dedicate themselves to making a real difference each day. At PUM our goal is to amplify and accelerate the positive impact they make, building a structurally better future for their community: socially, ecologically and economically. With over 1,200 volunteers, who are sharing their professional expertise in more than 30 countries, PUM drives local positive impact on a global scale. We believe in the power of collaboration. In the fusion of expertise and altruism, and in the magic that happens when diverse perspectives meet. Together we grow. 


Who are you?

  • You are a people manager with affinity for agriculture. You do not need to be a water and waste management specialist for this role, work experience in water waste management and affinity with the target group will suffice.
  • You are experienced in managing diverse teams, fostering collaboration and achieving results.
  • You are an authentic, resilient, humble and dynamic professional with a strong intercultural sensitivity.
  • You are passionate about driving sector development and eager to share fresh perspectives.
  • You have excellent command of the English language; proficiency in French or Spanish is advantageous.
  • You are very comfortable with digital tools, including Microsoft Office 365.

Being a PUM Sector Coordinator

As a staff volunteer at PUM, your role as a sector coordinator is pivotal. You’re not merely coordinating; you’re orchestrating positive change. By leveraging your experience as people manager, you’ll empower SMEs to thrive in their respective markets.

What will being a sector coordinator look like? You’ll be actively engaged with PUM, averaging two days a week, often spread across multiple days. This includes regularly checking and responding to emails, addressing any urgent matters that may arise. Your responsibilities include:

  • Selecting new experts for your sector.
  • Assessing requests from various countries and matching clients with experts.
  • Guiding experts to champion PUM’s strategy within your sector.
  • The possibility of providing advice in the field as expert once or twice a year (this can also be in another sector).
  • Engaging in knowledge exchange, expanding the network, participating in training programs and organizing events like sector days.


Ins and outs of the sector coordinator role 

The sector coordinator role is a volunteer position with a small expense allowance. For this role, we only consider applicants based in the Netherlands. Prescreening is part of the selection process. Anticipate traveling as an expert one to two times a year. At PUM, we celebrate diversity and inclusion as essential pillars of our organisation. We embrace the uniqueness of each individual, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive by being their authentic selves. 


Ready to make a difference? Join us! 

By becoming a PUM sector coordinator, you’re not just stepping into a role; you’re becoming a catalyst for positive change. And you’re not just giving, you’re also getting. It’s a two-way street of knowledge exchange that makes a global impact. Here’s what’s in it for you: 

Continuous Learning: Embrace new perspectives and gain insights by connecting with diverse people and cultures. 

Professional Network: Be part of a network of more than 1200 volunteer experts and let your network abroad grow as well. 

Optimal Knowledge Utilization: Put your skills to its best use, making tangible impact on businesses worldwide. 

International Exposure: Immerse yourself in a multicultural environment, broadening your horizons. 

Building a Brighter Future: Contribute to the sustainable development of communities, cultivating a profound sense of fulfillment. 

Stunning Office Moments: Enjoy regular meetups at our beautiful office in The Hague with breathtaking views. 

Ready to shape a brighter tomorrow? Join our community and let’s make a lasting impact together. Be part of something truly meaningful and apply by 22 July! 

Ready to shape a brighter tomorrow? Join our community and let’s make a lasting impact together!

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