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Venture Philanthropy - Social Investment and Volunteers

PUM has joined the EVPA community 
What can a volunteer professional organisation like PUM contribute to the world of venture philanthropists, social investors, impact investors, grant-making foundations and others in this particular ecosystem? 
PUM believes that collaboration, bridging financial and non-financial resources (expertise, network etc.) contribute to the co-creation of a well-functioning ecosystem for societal impact.

In the case of PUM, the transfer of knowledge to entrepreneurs by our experts is as crucial as the committed capital investment to these enterprises. For this reason we have joined the EVPA network.
The EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association) is a lively community of organisations sharing the same vision and a common goal: creating positive societal impact through venture philanthropy. By joining the EVPA, we aim to share our knowledge of 35+ years of working with the private sector, as to engage with other members in joint activities – bridging financial resources and expertise -  to accelerate growth of entrepreneurs in emerging markets and developing countries.
PUM will join the EVPA two-day Annual Conference in Oslo, coming 9-10 November.